Vashti Gonzalez

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.
- Dr. Seuss

Home sick

I really want to call home, but I am terrified of what the news is going to be. I am absolutely sad about not being with my family and I want to hear them and tell them my stories here but I am scared they’re luck won’t be as good as fine! It really does suck :*(

People often wonder why certain individuals stumble into their paths. Well I have two words; love or curiosity. Individuals many times find themeselves in a state of or/and loneliness, whether neglected by society or themeselves. Rewinding back to word number one:love. Love can attract many people whether it be physical or emotional, thus drawing you in closer to getting to know someone. Many could argue love at first sight doesn’t really exist, therefore how can people stumble upon your path that way, but I’d like to argue a different type of love; a love that goes beyond appearances. A connection so deep that it draws you to a person because you feel the need to help someone and lend them a loving hand and in return receive a warm feeling within. A type of love that almost forces you to befriend someone without even knowing the impact they’ll have on your life. The Friendships often developed by these feelings lead to an unexplainable bond formed with another individual can be amazing. This past summer I met some of the most amazing individuals that I hope to keep in my life forever. However, curiosity did lead me to approach others, solely based on appearances (but in a non-judgmental type of way) because the individual seemed intresting or they had my favorite bands logo on them. Nonetheless, curiosity has led me to some of the most fun individuals in my social circle. So I believe it is safe to say both words can lead a person who thought friendships were lost or unnatainable to reconsider their place in society and get a surge of reassurance of not only their own importance, but those out their as well. So I guess love and curiosity go hand in hand in some situations?